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Please be aware that contributions to Quantum for Quants are moderated for relevance and quality.  Although we use a spam filter to remove the most obnoxious material, sometimes we encounter posts whose sole objective seems to be the inclusion of hyperlinks intended to increase the inbound link count to a commercial site.  The content of these posts is often irrelevant or nonsensical.

We are doing our best to remove such posts, and to ban the repeat abusers.

It’s a miserable job having to clean up after these people.  I’m not sure how the members of Quantum for Quants can best help, but if you’re reading this and have some real questions that you’d like to contribute, please go ahead and post.  Outbound links to news items are fine.  So are links to the websites of  companies active in quantum technologies, or to your personal or professional web pages, so long as they are relevant to your posted content.

We want to make access to the community as easy as possible, and the price of this may be having to look at junk posts for a few days longer than we’d like.  However, anything that makes it through the spam filter will be read by an editor, and the spam filter itself is checked periodically to make sure that good posts can make it through.

Advertisements for essay writing services and other forms of plagiarism are not acceptable here.

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