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The race towards commercializing the quantum computer is approaching the mainstream of the tech world. Here, we want to shed light on some of the applications quantum computers can excel at:

  • Chemical and biological engineering – Simulating the complex behaviour of molecules was one of the many problems that inspired talented minds to develop quantum computers.
  • Cybersecurity – Modern cryptography is built on the foundation of combinatorics, which assumes that the calculations are non-trivial. However, a quantum computer with enough qubits is predicted to crack the encryption more efficiently than a classical computer.
  • Artificial Intelligence – It is well documented that optimizing a machine learning model can be taxing on a classical computer due to an increase in complexity. Quantum machine learning focuses on developing quantum algorithms that can bring values to the optimization speed.
  • Financial services – Financial portfolio optimization usually involves combinatoric optimization to select which asset to purchase or to sell. A quantum computer may be able to solve portfolio optimization problems on a large set of asset universes or simulate the future price movements more efficiently than a classical computer.
  • Complex manufacturing – Identifying the source of the problems and incidents within manufacturing can become a very complex problem. Quantum computers can identify the part of which contributed to the operation failure.

Solving a large-scale combinatorics problem can be very expensive for a classical computer, and quantum computers are here to solve these problems faster and cheaper than classical computers.

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