The IBM 5 Qubit GUI…

When IBM shifts to using the 16 Qubit system will they still allow the GUI used on the 5 Qubit  system to be used?

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The development of genuine quantum PCs is still in its early stages, however explores have been completed in which quantum computational operations were executed on few quantum bits. Both down to earth and hypothetical research proceeds, and numerous national governments and military organizations are subsidizing quantum registering research in extra push to create quantum PCs for regular citizen, business, exchange, ecological and national security purposes, for example, cryptanalysis. A little 16-qubit quantum PC exists and is accessible for specialists to explore different avenues regarding by means of the IBM quantum encounter venture. Alongside the IBM PC an organization called D-Wave has likewise been building up their own form of a quantum PC that uses a procedure called tempering. Get more details at this website.

Answered on December 7, 2017.
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