Research in Quantum Computing?

Hey Everyone,
I am currently working on application/statements. Well actually my statements are very general because I don’t really have a list yet. I wanted wait until my pgre scores came out to come up with a list…

The schools I do have are more in the top 70 range ( mostly for CME and HEP-EX). My background is in HEP-TH ( 2 projects).

I am very interested in studying and doing research in quantum computing. I have spent some time reading through Preskill lectures and various books. I also LOVED quantum mechanics during my undergrad (took 4 semesters)! The thing is, whenever I google “research in quantum computing” or something like that the institutions that come up are all extremely competitive! Places like MIT, Berkeley, Caltech etc.

Other people have asked this question and the answers are the same type of institutions. I know this area is rather new so the places that have research in this area are limited, but I was hoping if someone here knows of other schools? Preferably in the U.S ( I am a domestic student).

I was hoping to do direct research in quantum computing. I have looked at places that have condensed matter experiments that would have applications to quantum computing/information.

Please help

I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.


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Try and search for quantum computing or quantum information.  You will find MIT courses there, they are online courses, some are free.  These are all online so you won’t get real hands-on, unfortunately, but at least you will connect with professors and students, a step to get your foot in the door.

Answered on April 5, 2018.
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