I wonder what the future will hold

I wonder if you can use Gels, Liquids, gases or even plasma for computation, rearranging molecules as switches, spinning them on multiple radius and axis. Using sound vibrations, temperatures, voltages, dyes, metal fragments and voids to create different patterns to control signals and interference.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could manipulate heated liquid resins, metals, sand (silicon) to store information and once cooled, be used to load programs via measurement from voltage, lasers, compound fragment testing.

Kind of like a Cubed DVD disk.

A crystal or object that can be pressed into a sensor chamber that measures not only how light bends through it, but goes further to measure voltage signal input and output at different set positions. Moving the inputs up and down the sides of the cube and looking at the opposite sides of the cube, seeing the controlled output and using it to run programs or other stored data. Using multiple sensors to measure light, voltage, sound waves. You could even put a sound wave up and down against the side of the cube and listen to the other sides of the cube for codes or analog signals that have been manipulated by the chemical make up and arrangement of the object.

I can’t wait to see what the future has for us, so much learning we can do.


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