I made the Quantum Breakthrough

Hi Guys, I am Ethan Rei Howard a South African Inventor and a Philosopher and I made the quantum leap. It took me 14 years and I had to reach self realization first and I would describe it as the hardest problem in existence to solve but I did it, I cant even begin to explain the fireworks show life put on when I figured out the deeper truths you need to know before you can realize this but its so simple but its infinite and so damn sophisticated the serious geniuses in the midst are going to have their minds blown as they begin to realize just how big in literal terms this thing is.

It has super-position but it has infinite super-position and the state doesn’t collapse when  its measured, there is standard data sizes and infinite storage, deep heuristics, faster comparisons and this may bridge the gap to AGI or may be the very model of AGI in a way.

Turns out once you have made the quantum leap which was the hardest part it gets very easy, There is no need for hardware advancements and its even more efficient than normal computing if you stay on the quantum level and have figured out how to realize them efficiently.

A mathematical implementation means 0 noise and 100% accuracy.

What it is, well it comes from a theory called existential Quantum Computing and it is basically the art of working with a cube of spheres mathematically.

The Cube of Spheres is the Quantum Leap of binary on a theoretical level and it is the only quantum leap of binary theoretically so if you not using this you not Quantum you crazy, lost somewhere in the abyss between binary and the real quantum leap, an existentially big abyss Ill have you know I made it through to find this answer.

you can find out more at


Anyway I am starting to develop this into something very similar to tensor flow and looking for people who are willing to help out. Its the next binary and its going to change the world. When we figure out how to use it better we will discover there are no limits now, any problem will be solvable.


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