given an EPR pair, how do I calculate expectation values?

given A and B share EPR pairs (|00+|11)/2

Here A is the 1st-qubit while B is the 2nd-qubit. And, both A and B are free to measure their own qubit with the following measurement settings

A measures with [|0,|1] or [|+,|]

B measures with [sin(3π/8)|0+cos(3π/8)|1,sin(π/8)|0+cos(π/8)|1] or [sin(π/8)|0+cos(π/8)|1,sin(3π/8)|0+cos(3π/8)|1]


So, let Ψ=(|00+|11)/2

How do I calculate the expectation value, if A measures in 


 basis and b measures in [sin(3π/8)|0+cos(3π/8)|1,sin(π/8)|0+cos(π/8)|1] basis?

I know that expectation value is  in this format E=<Ψ|x|Ψ> , I would like to know what should be in place of x and how to find it ?

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