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I attend a free university called 42 in silicon valley. One of the cool aspects of the school is after a certain amount of time and education we are allowed to contribute to the school by writing portions of it’s curriculum. Project based learning is the core infrastructure of the schools model, and students start off doing very simple projects, and are allowed to branch off into whatever field they find most interesting in the realm of software. Its been an amazing journey, and I have finally reached the point where I will be allowed to contribute to the schools project base. Seeing the lack of any quantum studies (like tons other universities have that anyway right?) and being interested in physics and math from a young age, I showed initiative, and the school is allowing me to start writing projects in the quantum realm of study. I will be creating an entire branch of projects that allow students to understand and study quantum physics, through sequential projects that teach in a way that is not too hard to learn, yet still adding valuable skills to their toolbox.. I will be doing an initial project to present to the school in order for them to decide if the branch will be a valid investment. Does anyone have an idea of a great first project that really captures the essence of why quantum computing is relevant, interesting, and fun to think about? Any suggestions would be great as this could create an entire generation of programmers. Thanks!

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One easy way to get started is the IBM Q Experience:

There are a number of people already doing experiments of various kinds.

Also, a “live” map showing where the experiments are being done:

Answered on October 5, 2018.
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