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Create DateMay 8, 2016
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1QBit’s SDK allows traditional software developers to effortlessly harness quantum computation by building quantum-ready applications without having to learn new languages or become experts in quantum processor design.

New heuristics and solvers are continually integrated into the SDK. This enables applications built on top of it to benefit from the latest advances in quantum software development methods without necessitating the arduous process of application refactoring.

The high-level tools included within the SDK are abstracted from the specifics of quantum hardware. This allows applications written using the SDK to automatically evolve with advances in quantum processors and improvements in quantum algorithm implementation.

While the SDK provides access to high-level functions spanning a wide range of problems, it also allows developers to dive into quantum machine code and construct new functions from the ground up by interfacing with quantum hardware at the lowest levels.



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  • Michal May 11, 2016

    For the sake of further kind visitors: the PDF-file contains a copy of the text above + the URL accessible also above. A file download is not necessary – just follow the URL directly ( at least as of 2016-05-11 ).


  • Swati Mital May 31, 2016

    When would the SDK be available?


  • Andrew Milne May 31, 2016

    The QDK is currently available at qdk.1qbit.com via Jupyter interactive notebooks, which are highly functional. You have access to the Python interpreter. You can write and execute code. You can also copy the text in the cells and paste it into a document on your own computer, so you have a personal record of what you have done.

    The 1QBit software development team will be interested in hearing your feedback.


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