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Quantum computers have the potential to provide an entirely different approach to solving very hard finance problems. Quantumforquants.org has been created to foster education, discussion, and collaboration to advance our identification and understanding of solutions to open industry problems.


Foster education, discussion, and industry collaboration on open industry problems.
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Quantum Computing

Quantum computers have the potential to address very hard problems in an entirely different way - letting "physics solve math problems".
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From the Blog

Optimal Feature Selection for Credit Scoring and Classification

From some recent work by Andrew Milne, Max Rounds and Phil Goddard at 1QBit. Feature Selection with a Quantum Annealer The growing [more]

Finding Optimal Arbitrage Opportunities Using a Quantum Annealer

  By Gili Rosenberg In this post, we show how to formulate the problem of finding optimal arbitrage opportunities as a quadratic [more]

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